Facts You Should Know About Cremation Services

Despite the fact that cremation has been a standard option for final services for many, many years, a lot of people have some misconceptions about the process that can make it difficult for them to decide if it's the right option for their needs. If you've been trying to pre-plan your funeral service and aren't sure if cremation is right for you, there are a few things that you should know ahead of time. Here's a look at some facts that everyone should understand about cremation.

You Can Still Have A Viewing

One of the reasons that many people opt for traditional burial instead of cremation is because they plan to have a memorial service with an open casket and viewing. This is often considered an important part of the grieving process because it gives people the chance to say goodbye in their own way. 

What you should understand, though, is that you can still have this viewing and memorial service before the cremation. The deceased will go through the routine preservation and preparation methods for the viewing, and then cremation will follow afterward.

Cremation Is Cost-Effective

Another thing that you should know before you dismiss cremation is the fact that it can save you significantly in your final services costs. Cremation is less expensive than traditional burial for a few reasons. You eliminate the cost of the casket, for starters. And, if you're not having a viewing or traditional memorial service, you also eliminate the costs for embalming. You'll just pay the crematory fees and the cost for whichever urn you select to store the cremains.

Cremation Is Highly Regulated

You've probably heard the misconception that, with cremation, there's no guarantee you're getting just the cremains you should be. You may have heard people say that multiple bodies are cremated at one time. This is a myth. In fact, the cremation industry is highly regulated and there are laws in place preventing the cremation of more than one person at a time. This ensures the integrity of the cremains that you receive.

Understanding the truth about cremation can make it easier for you to decide if it's the right option for your final services. Don't let misconceptions or a lack of knowledge keep you from choosing the final handling that's the right choice for your personal preferences. Talk with the funeral home director today about cremation services as an option for your final plans.