4 Amazing Reasons Why More People Are Choosing Cremation Services

Do you know that many Americans today are choosing cremation services over burials? A new report shows that about 44% of Americans prefer being cremated when they die. As burial preferences continue to drastically change, you might also be thinking about cremation for yourself or a loved one. But, what do you know about this method? 

Here are four amazing reasons why Americans are going for cremation over burial.

1. It's a Perfect Option if You Have Claustrophobia

Have you ever thought about being buried and left alone underground? How does it feel? If the burial experience scares you, you might be having claustrophobia, which is characterized by extreme fear for confined spaces, including graves, tombs, tunnels, and tube trains. 

If you go for cremation services, you are assured that your remains will not be left in a closed, dark, and lonely grave. The anxiety caused by the imagination of being buried will gradually disappear.

2. Cremation is Convenient for Everyone

In other words, cremation is convenient for the deceased and the living relatives and friends. Once you or a loved one dies, the most challenging part is arranging end-of-life activities. If you have ever organized a traditional burial, you already know that it can be overwhelming and emotionally draining. 

You honestly don't want your relatives to have such a stressful experience. Why not settle on cremation services, which saves your family from burial-related arrangements and allows them to mourn peacefully?

3. Cremation Preserves the Memories

The cremation service provider will collect the ashes in a decorative urn and give it to your relatives. If it's a loved one who has passed on, the ashes can also be collected in a vase and stored in your favorite spot in your house for memory purposes.

4. We All Came from Nature

As a way of returning the remains to nature, people chose to bury their deceased loved ones. 

However, the number of funeral homes in the US has fallen by 10%, indicating that cremation services are rapidly taking over. People realize that cremating the body and scattering the ashes to the sea or other places is the best way of returning the body to nature.


As burial becomes increasingly less popular, cremation is rapidly taking over. By choosing cremation services, you will be saving your family time, stress, and money required to arrange a traditional funeral. Talk to a company like the American Cremation Society (Ridgemoor Chapels) to learn more.