Your Funeral: Settling Your Affairs Now

Not many people want to spend valuable time thinking about their funeral. People generally prefer to leave those affairs to spouses or family, often issuing only vague directives. However, this can result in painful, costly decisions that could have been avoided. Help loved ones and take responsibility for your own funeral and final arrangements for these reasons.

Supporting Loved Ones

Above all, the foresight involved in dealing with your own funeral preparations will mean your family no longer has to do it. This can be incredibly loving; you likely know how your death will affect your spouse, children, and other relatives. Funeral preparation now will mean that they aren't forced to plan an event for dozens of people while deeply grieving your loss. Being able to protect them from having a to-do list when they may not have the energy or desire to do anything other than cry can be the last gift you give them.

Reducing Costs

A grieving family is sometimes less likely to be as frugal as one that is happy. They may not like the idea of having to deal with a funeral at all, so they are less likely to comparison shop and could spend far more than you would ever be comfortable with on caskets, flowers and other aspects of the event. If you start seeking out these offerings now, you can investigate different vendors and funeral homes with a budget in mind. That will probably reduce overall costs significantly.

Inviting Everyone

Some people in your life may be valuable to you, even if your family doesn't know them well. They may not think to invite the barista who convinced you to quit a dead-end job or the co-worker who supported you in every company meeting. When arranging your funeral, you can ensure these people are remembered and can create a list of invitees that you'd like there.

Choosing Cremation

Even if you ultimately decide that you prefer cremation, funeral planning is very important. You can dictate the kind of service that you'll have to celebrate your life, select the urn your cremains should be placed in and then decided the final destination of that urn. 

Working with funeral directors on all these issues will not only spare your family from having to conduct these actions in grief, but will soothe your mind knowing that everything has been both considered and initiated. Contacting funeral services today could lift a weight off your shoulders.