Choose The Location And Design Plan For A Walk-In Mausoleum

A walk-in mausoleum is an above-ground structure with doors that is designed to hold one or more crypts. If you and your family members have decided to have a customized mausoleum built that will hold the remains of all of your relatives after they have passed away, consider the options below when choosing the location and design plan of the structure. 

Choose A Location And The Size Of The Structure

Deciding upon the cemetery that the mausoleum will be built in should be a joint effort among you and your loved ones. If there is a particular cemetery that contains a lot of land, lush greenery, robust shrubs, and flowering plants, you and your relatives may be interested in having the mausoleum built next to some of these features so that the structure's beauty will be enhanced by the natural surroundings.

The owner of a cemetery will provide you with a ballpark figure of what you and your loved ones will be required to pay for the mausoleum, depending upon the size and location of the structure. If the price is a little steep for you and your family, you can choose entombments inside of a community mausoleum.

Although a community mausoleum won't provide the privacy and personalized features that you and the others may desire, you will still have the option of purchasing several crypts and decorating the outside of them or adding nameplates along a portion of one of the community mausoleum's walls.

Decide Upon The Layout And Add Stained Glass Or Ornamental Trim

If you and the others have decided upon a personalized mausoleum, the crypts can be built into either the walls or flooring of the structure. Each crypt will be designed to hold a casket. During the planning phase, specifications about the size of the structure and the amount of crypts that will be included should be provided.

Walk-in monuments are often constructed of granite because granite is a durable material that will retain its beauty and will provide a moisture-proof barrier. Stained glass or ornamental trim are some additional features that can be added to a mausoleum to provide the structure with a custom appearance. 

Purchase Bronze Markers And Benches

After finalizing the plans for the mausoleum, it may take several months for the structure to be built. After the mausoleum is complete, bronze markers that are secured to benches can be placed around the outside of the structure. The markers can contain inscriptions that include the names of the family members who will be laid to rest in the mausoleum.

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