A High-Quality Military Funeral Requires Working Carefully With The Funeral Home

If you have a loved one who passed away and who served in the military, it is a good idea to talk to the funeral home about their service. A good funeral home can help prepare a high-quality service that highlights your loved one's sacrifices and shows off their pride in their service.

Military Discharge Records Showcase Their Service

After your loved one passes away, search their home for their military discharge records. These are important to showcase to the funeral home because it proves that they served. As a result, the funeral home can make arrangements that are specific to this type of service. They can also prepare displays that showcase your loved one's career.

Working with a funeral home in this way is usually very simple. They want to showcase your loved one's life in a way that illustrates their many fine achievements. Beyond that, they also want to make sure that everyone fully understands this important part of your loved one's life, as many military personnel are very proud of their service.

Getting Other Records Can Be Beneficial

One nice thing about your loved one's career in the military is that you can get their records from the National Personnel Records Center. This repository will hold all of their records and provide any unclassified information that they have available. Writing to this repository is a great idea if your funeral home needs more information about your loved one's service.

For example, they may want to create a timeline with you that showcases any active duty tours they undertook. They may also want to create a display that showcases any awards or medals your loved one earned. Working with the funeral home in this way creates an incredible experience that truly shows off the importance of your loved one's service.  

Honors May Also Be Available

Once you have received their military records and found out about any awards they have won, it is important to find their personal medals and to use them during the funeral. These helps showcase your loved one's military history and make the funeral more accurate. However, you can also contact their branch of the military to see if they qualify for funeral honors.

These honors can be given to a variety of military members, including those who were active at the time they deceased or who were discharged honorably. These honors include a fully-dressed brigade presenting a flag at their funeral and helping carry their coffin from the funeral home. Almost every funeral home in the nation is prepared for this kind of service and will help make it possible.

So make sure that you talk to your funeral home before this service to ensure that your loved one gets the military recognition that they deserve. If they were proud of their military service, the funeral home can help you display it in a positive and enlightening way. For more information, contact establishments like Danks-Hinski Funeral Home.