You Don't Know Anyone Who Has Died — But Here's Why You Should Buy A Funeral Suit Now

Not everyone owns a suit, which means that some people go suit shopping following the passing of someone they know so that they'll have something to wear to the funeral. This plan can work, but there are also some reasons that you shouldn't take this approach if you don't currently own a suit. Even if no one has passed away, it's worthwhile to plan to buy a suit that you can wear to the funeral as soon as you're able. Here are some reasons that you should plan this shopping outing soon:

You'll Have More Time

When someone passes away, the funeral may take place four or five days later. This doesn't leave you with a lot of time to go suit shopping, especially if the person was close to you and you're busy making funeral arrangements. For example, if your elderly parent has passed away, you'll likely need to take time off work so that you can get all of the arrangements finalized. An available window of a few hours to go buy a suit might not be possible. When you shop in advance, you'll be able to visit a few stores, find the right suit for your style and budget, and buy it.

It Won't Be Emotionally Challenging

When you're in grief as you buy a suit for a funeral, the last thing that you feel like doing is going out and interacting with members of the public. Unfortunately, this is exactly what you'll need to do if you don't currently own a suit. You may not feel like going through suit fittings, talking with salespeople, and just being away from your family during this emotional time. And, if you're highly emotional, you might feel embarrassed if you begin to tear up as you think about your late loved one while you shop. Fortunately, if you shop for your suit now, you won't have this emotional burden.

Buying Will Be Easier

Most men can't buy suits straight off the rack and have them look right. Generally, you'll need to have the suit altered, which can take a bit of time. If you're buying a suit a day before a funeral, you might have trouble finding something that fits properly without being altered, as there may not be time for altering. This could result in it taking longer to find the right suit or you having to pay more than you'd ideally like. When you shop in advance, you can get the suit altered as needed without being in a rush. Then, whenever someone you know does pass away, you'll have your suit all ready for the funeral.

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