Making Final Arrangements For A Loved One When Provisions Were Not Made In Advance

If you have been told by a loved one that you will handle all final arrangements after they pass on, you likely believe that there will be a written will explaining your loved one's wishes in detail. However, not everyone prepares a will before passing, and the people closest to them are responsible for laying them to rest, sometimes with very little guidance. Without a written will, it will take longer for you to get a death certificate as well as finalize the probate process. Requesting cremation services and a private viewing is just as appropriate as organizing an elaborate funeral and casket burial for your decently departed friend or family member. Remember that you were asked to take control of making all final arrangements, so any decision that you make will be made with the deceased in mind.

Factoring In How Much Time You Have To Make Final Arrangements

You may have been anticipating the passing of your loved one for several years or it could have occurred without any prior warning. In either case, all final arrangements have to be made and announced within a few days for several reasons. First, you have to decide on how to have the body prepared and interred. If cremation services are going to be rendered, the process must be completed rather quickly. Even deceased parties who are going to be buried must be prepared for viewing and funeral services in less than a week in most cases.

Final arrangements for your loved one need to take place in a funeral home so that their remains can be handled safely and legally. You will need to meet with the person in charge of the funeral home service that you choose so that all of the details can be determined. This is why you must think of what type of final arrangements are most practical in situations where no plans were made in advance.

Finding Ways To Afford Laying Your Loved One To Rest

If your loved one had a life insurance policy at the time of passing, you will be able to recoup many of the expenses associated with cremation services, funeral fees, or even listing an obituary in the newspaper. You can expect the funds from a life insurance policy to be paid out fast, but they won't come instantly. Rather than put off making final arrangements until the insurance check arrives, you should really just go ahead and do what you can to put everything into motion faster. There could be delays, which would make putting your loved one to rest more complicated than it needs to be during your time of mourning.

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