4 Things to Consider When Planning Your Own Funeral

Most people don't want to discuss death, dying, or funerals — but it's an important topic that shouldn't be ignored. Many people put off planning their own funeral because it's a difficult topic, but taking the time to plan during your lifetime gives you full control over the type of service that you have. There are many factors to consider when planning your own funeral. Taking the time to carefully think through these choices can make for the perfect ceremony to honor your own life. Keep reading to better understand some of the things that you will want to consider. 

Who Will You Invite?

Some individuals choose to have an ultra private ceremony for their funeral. If you're a very private person, you may consider this, too. You may wish to have very close friends and family only. If you have a lot of friends and were an open and social person, you may decide to have a bigger and less intimate ceremony. You can choose to invite whoever you'd like. It's important to start thinking about this now so that your wishes are respected later in life. 

Do You want to Be Buried or Cremated? 

Deciding whether you'd like to be buried or cremated is an important choice. In many cases, individuals consider their religious beliefs or their beliefs about the afterlife. If you're unsure about this important decision, a funeral planning professional can talk this out with you and discuss burial or cremation service options. 

How Will You Pay for Your Service?

Payment is something that many people wait too long to think about. If you don't consider payment, your loved ones may actually be responsible for this after your death. If you want to plan for your funeral payments during your lifetime, a funeral home can help you with this. They can make it possible for you to spread out payments during your lifetime so that everything is fully handled after your death and there are no money concerns. 

How Do You Wish to Be Honored?

When meeting with a funeral planner, you can have 100% control over your own service. You can decide how to be honored. This may include having family members share their memories of you or it may include showcasing photos and videos of your life. Now is a great time to start thinking about the way in which you will be honored.

Planning your own funeral doesn't have to be scary or stressful. Meet with services like Delaware Valley Cremation Center to start the process.