Evaluate These Things When You Tour A Crematorium

When you're working on pre-planning your funeral and you've decided that you wish to be cremated, it's worthwhile to get some crematorium recommendations from the funeral home that you're using. You can then call each of these locations and arrange a visit for a short tour. You can use this occasion to further understand the cremation process, which you might not be overly familiar with if you haven't had a close family member be cremated in the past. You'll also have an opportunity to evaluate each crematorium on a number of simple criteria so that you can decide which location you'd like to be used. Here are some factors to evaluate.

Respect To The Process

The crematorium might be operational when you arrive, which is handy for you to thoroughly evaluate it. Notice how much respect is given to the process by the staff. You want to see people who are somber and quiet as they work, rather than engaging in playful banner that defies the somber nature of their work. When you're speaking to a representative of the crematorium who is taking you on the tour and answering your questions, you want to see someone who is gentle and professional toward you and your family, much in the same manner as a funeral director behaves.


You also want to note how clean each crematorium is that you visit. The best facilities are somewhat akin to hospitals in terms of their approach to cleanliness. You should not notice any smells upon entering the building, and you should see that each room is kept in a spotless and orderly fashion. The personnel you encounter should be dressed in clean attire, especially if they're out in an area in which they may come across families who are visiting.

Access For Families

Another important factor to consider about each crematorium you visit is the degree of access granted to families. Many facilities allow families to attend the cremation of their loved one, which might be something that you wish your family to do. If the crematorium can offer this service, ask to see the room in which the family members are seated during the procedure. It should be neat, quiet, and respectful, much in the same manner as a room for the family at your local funeral home. Always ask how many family members are permitted to attend, as this number can fluctuate between crematoriums and may influence your decision.