Crucial Questions To Ask When Shopping For Silver Locket Urns

If you cared for someone who has recently passed away and he or she chose to be cremated, choosing what to do with those ashes can be a challenging decision. However, it's important to note that it's frequently possible for several mourners to each keep a small amount of the remains with them for the rest of their lives. An ideal way to do so is often with the discrete use of silver locket urns. Therefore, asking the following questions about any locket you might purchase for holding the cremated remains of someone you care for is likely to be quite helpful.  

How Much Of The Remains Can The Necklace Hold?

There are many different types of silver urn lockets on the market and it is not unusual for all of the people who have been gifted with cremated remains to choose to own identical lockets. As a result, it only makes sense that determining the approximate weight or amount of ashes that each locket will be able to hold will be useful. Unfortunately, you may find that precise measurements are not available.

However, you may find that lockets are primarily listed as being able to hold a pinch or dash of the remains. If the jewelry you are interested in presents with one of those non-specific measurements or a unit has a measurement that is subject to interpretation, it's crucial to actually see the available space in order to make the right choice. Given that it has been estimated that more than one out of every two deceased people by 2020 will be cremated, you are far from being the only mourners in search of a unique and personal way to always have a part of your loved one near you.  

Can The Locket Be Engraved?

As mentioned previously, it is fairly common for mourners to unite and buy an identical locket for each person to wear. Fortunately, it is often possible to have a brief, personal message or other pertinent information engraved on the locket to memorialize the event. By doing so, you are setting your own locket apart from the others and it will be clear to your descendants in the future how important that person was to you. 

By choosing to keep even a tiny portion of the remains of a loved one in a silver urn locket, whether you wear it daily or only bring it out on special occasions, you will always have part of that person with you. Photographs fade and photos saved in computers are lost every day, but jewelry is portable and meaningful enough to often be passed along for many generations without damage or loss.   

In conclusion, when several people would each like to be responsible for the ashes of a deceased loved one, dispersing those remains in silver locket urns is an excellent solution to the dilemma. Therefore, it is a good idea to ask the questions provided above of any locket, such as from Loved Remembered, that you are interested in buying.